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Summary: Secure folder is lost or deleted on Android? Secure folder is deleting files, or you forgot the safe folder password? If you are facing any such issue and are anxious about your precious data in the Android safe folder, read this post to learn how to recover deleted secure storage folder.


  • What is secure storage folder on Android?
  • Where is secure folder on Android?
  • Why secure folder photos are deleted or missing from Android?
  • How to recover deleted photos from secure folder
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When you want to protect your personal photos on Android, what could be a better way than an encrypted ‘safe folder’ on the device. The safe folder feature on some Android lets you hide and lock valuable documents, personal photos, videos, messages, etc. It allows you to lock the files using a PIN, password, fingerprint, or pattern. Hence, even when the phone is stolen or lost, you can be assured that your private data won’t fall into the hands of thieves or strangers. However, data loss is inescapable. Even the safe folders on a storage device can get deleted for various reasons. You may face issues such as —

Secure folder is deleting files.

Secure folder is not opening.

Safe folder is missing.

You forgot safe folder password or other.

So how to recover deleted photos from secure storage in such cases.

This post shares various techniques to restore photos in safe folder on Android, be it Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, OnePlus, or others.

What is secure storage folder on Android?

A safe or secure folder primarily protects personal or sensitive data on your phone. You can safely hide your photos, videos, audio, messages, notes, chats, etc., to this folder. The folder is locked using a password or biometric authentication. It is a typical mobile security layer feature for users. For example, Samsung Galaxy protects Secure Folder with its proprietary Knox security technology, which also protects the phone from malicious apps or malware.

Where is secure folder on Android?

You won’t find secure folders upfront on an Android phone. They are usually navigated through Settings or File Manager app. Besides, each Android manufacturer names its safe folder differently, as OnePlus calls it ‘Lockbox’, whereas Oppo smartphones have ‘Private Safe’. Vivo phones name it ‘Safe Box’ while Samsung Galaxy phones have ‘Secure Folder’.

Meanwhile, several third-party apps also offer Android data security such as, ‘Files by Google’ that offers encrypted ‘Safe Folder’ feature to hide Android data.

Why secure folder photos are deleted or missing from Android?

You may notice your secure folder is deleted from the smartphone, or some files stored in it have gone missing. Below are some probable reasons that may have caused the loss of secure folder from your smartphone:

  • When you Factory reset your Android device.
  • When you Reset the safe folder.
  • Accidentally deleted the Android device.
  • Secure folder is hidden.
  • Phone is broken or crashes.
  • Phone is lost or stolen.

How to recover deleted photos from secure folder

1. Restore secure folder photos from backup

A backup brings big respite from data loss. You may have created a backup of your valuable photos, videos, or documents, etc. on phone’s internal storage or cloud. Check your Google Photos, Google Drives, or File Manager in Android. If your Android phone offers cloud backup, find and restore the lost image files there.

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Here, we will share how to recover deleted photos from Secure Folder on Samsung mobile phones:

  • Open Secure Folder on your Samsung phone.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the top-right corner to open the menu.
  • Navigate to Settings >Backup and restore.
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  • Tap Restore. Select the files that you want to recover and click Restore now.
How to Recover Deleted Photos from Secure Folder on Android | Stellar (3)

Note: You will see multiple backups when you’re using the same Samsung account in more than one device.

2. Unhide the secure folder

Is the secure folder icon missing on your Android? No worries. It may still be there but hidden. Just unhide it from the settings of your smartphone.

Here’s how you can unhide the Secure Folder:

  • Go to Samsung Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder.
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  • Turn on Show Secure Folder.

Alternatively, you can also unhide the secure folder from the quick panel of Samsung Galaxy:

  • Swipe down screen to open the quick panel.
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  • If the Secure Folder icon appears disabled, it is hidden. Double tap on it to unhide the folder.

3. Recover deleted photos from secure folder with software

If none of the above methods works, try a recovery software. Although the secure folder is deleted or lost after reset, your valuable files may still be present on the Android phone. You can try an efficient Android recovery software that can thoroughly scan the device to retrieve lost photos, videos, contacts, etc.

To recover deleted photos from a safe folder from a backup drive, get Stellar Photo Recovery software that can restore deleted photos, videos, and audio files in their original state from a hard drive, SSD, memory card, pen drive, etc.

However, the secure folder data recovery would depend on how much read and write activity you have done on the storage device.

Best way to assess the recovery capability of the software is to use the free trial that displays the recoverable files.

You can use the Free Edition of Stellar Photo Recovery to retrieve up to 10 photos and video files from HDD, SSD, SD card, etc.


1. Can I recover safe or secure folder from Android?

You cannot recover a secure folder from Android after factory reset, accidental deletion, or physical damage. However, if you have a safe folder backup, you can always restore the files from there.

2. I forgot my Android safe folder PIN. How to recover photos from Secure Folder after being locked out of it?

If you forget your Secure Folder PIN, you can reset it using the same Samsung Account and email ID. Once you’re able to access your Secure Folder, view and backup the photos to avoid data loss situations in future.

(Video) Samsung Galaxy : How To Take Backup & Restore Data Of Secure Folder

3. Will resetting an Android phone delete the secure folder?

Yes, factory reset deletes secure or safe folder data on Android device.

4. Can a secure folder be hacked on Android?

No, a hacker cannot recover the safe folder on Android as the data is protected with security encryption.

5. My Secure Folder is not working on Samsung Galaxy. How to fix?

Try by restarting and updating your Samsung Galaxy phone. To update the Secure Folder, go toSecure Folder>Settings>About Secure Folder. If this doesn’t work, delete the cache files of the app from Settings > Apps > Secure Folder > Storage > Clear cache. Next, reboot your Android phone. Your Secure Folder on Samsung phone should work now.

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  1. I have forgotten my secure folder pattern and when I go to forgot password a loading screen pops up but never loads. What do I do?


    1. Hi Lachelle,
      You will require to clear the cache to fix the issue. Just “go to your system settings, then go to apps, scroll or search secured folder, scroll down to storage and clear the data and cache. Once you have cleared them out, go out of the storage and scroll back up and press on secure folder settings.


  2. Need to recover files running my moto g. I can’t access anything because I have no access to drive or folders and can’t access cloud storage.


    1. Hi Leona,
      This seems to be like account issue. On an Android Phone, try accessing the google account, and you can get your photos from Google Photos. If you can’t access the account, then you may need to contact google support.


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