Shiva - Full Episode 95 - The Track Suit (2023)


Meet the whiz kid Shiva, who lives in a city named Vedas. Watch him fight the villains who are out to damage the city on his super bike that can fly as well as float on water. Together with his three friends and pet dog they are indomitable.

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Oh, let's, go there., Oh, no!, Don't.

Trouble, me.

- She's.

My best friend.




The principal is arriving.

He's, coming in.

Students, He's, Vicky, Taneja., He's.

The new student in your class.

He has some medical problem.


Why he'll come to school in a tracksuit.

Vicky, introduce yourself to everyone.

I'll, leave., Hello, Vicky! - Hello.

Good, morning, students!, Good, morning!, Today.

There will be a test.

I'm writing the questions on the board.

All of you open your test copies.

Vicky, today is your first day in school.


You don't have to give the test.

No, ma'am.

I'll also take the test.

I have prepared a little in all the subjects.

That's, very good, Vicky.


Your first day in school.

Do, you also want to give the test? I'm, very impressed.


All of you should also learn some dedication..

...towards studies from Vicky.


The way, can you tell me who will stand first?? Shiva!, Shiva! Shiva! - Okay.



His, writing speed is even..

...faster than a bullet.



Take this.




Did you do it? So soon? This answer is right.

So is this.


This too.

And this one too.

Vicky has got full marks in the test.

50 out of 50.

Well, done, Vicky!, It's.

Your first day in school.

You have also got full marks in the test.


It up.

- Thank you, ma'am.

Kids, today, we'll have a race during sports class.

All of you line.


Okay, students!, On, your marks., Get, set, go!, Unbelievable!, Is, this a kid or something else? I think that..


The child of an alien.

He has just dressed like us and come here.

Udi, be quiet.

Shiva, Vicky really has a great speed.

First in writing.

And now in running.

Yes, Reva.

Vicky is very talented.

Yeah! Vicky.

You are the best.


The upcoming international school sports competition...,'ll run on behalf of our school.

I'm proud of you.


You used to roam around as the hero of the school! All.

The people would sing..

"Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva!", Now, that's, over!, Now, it's, only, "Vicky, Vicky!", Vicky!, Vicky!, His name will be chanted.

Shiva's time is up!.


Vicky's time is here.

Shiva, you're, a very great Kung.

Fu, fighter, isn't, it? Vicky will defeat you in Kung, Fu, too., It's, not good to fight amongst ourselves without a reason.

I don't want to fight.

Come, on, friends., Are.

You afraid?, Step ahead.

If you have courage.

Hi, Prof., Hi, dad., What's, the matter, Vicky, my son? You seem to be very happy., Yes, dad.

Today due to this tracksuit..

...I stood first in the school's test.

I also stood first in the race.


The next international school, competition, the principal.. going to send me.

Well, done, Vicky!, I want you to be treated? Like...? ...A hero, everywhere.

You must be ahead.


You should stand first.

Dad, there's.

A boy named Shiva in our class.

The entire school considers him a hero.

But today.

He turned into a zero..

...and I became the hero.


All that is fine.


If you want to use the tracksuit.. have to be physically fit., Or else, you'll not be able to handle the energy of the tracksuit.

Isn't it, Professor?, Aren't, I, right?, Yes, Vicky!, It's, very important for you to be fit.

It's, very important.


When this tracksuit will do everything for you.

Okay, uncle., I'll become physically fit.

Dad, that Shiva is a Kung Fu expert.

Organize, a Kung Fu competition with him.

I'll, defeat him.

Then only I will be praised..

The entire school.

Okay, Vicky., But until then.. maintain your physical fitness.

So, Vicky..., were prancing.

A lot on being..

...charged up by your stooges.

Come on.

Let's have a Kung Fu fight with Shiva.

Right, here, right.

Now! No.

They just got excited and said, it., Anyway, I've just come out to jog.

I don't want to fight.

Yes., Come, on, Shiva., I'm, not afraid of anyone., I'll, drink water and come back.


Did he change his attitude? Suddenly?, Step forward, now.

Come here and fight me.


Am ready.

He just spoke of not fighting with Shiva.

Now he's all charged up after drinking water, and..

...wearing, the tracksuit.

Vicky, don't, pay attention to them.

I don't want to fight you.

We're all going home.


You want to fight or are all of you afraid? Vicky.

Now my men will run with the principal's bag.

You show some courage..

...and get that bag back from them.


You will be called brave by..

...everyone and not just the principal.

Ready? Hey.

My bag! Principal, I will get your bag.



- Sir..


Your bag., Thank, you, Shiva., Kids, come back to school.


Shiva, Vicky left with his dad.


Vicky fell down...

...There was a spark in his tracksuit.


If there were wires in it., Friends, I, still think..

...that Vicky is surely an alien.

Aliens dress, like robots., I've, seen it in movies.

No, Udi.


Something else.

There is something different about his tracksuit.


The school when he was giving the test..

...he was wearing a tracksuit.

He was also wearing a tracksuit while racing.

He was very energetic both the times.


When we met him while jogging..

...first, he refused to fight.

But when he wore the tracksuit in the van and came out..., ...he got his energy back.

I have always doubted, Vicky.

We will think about Vicky.


Let's go to school.




Dad came to meet me.

He says, that..

...we should train the school kids with Kung Fu.

To, promote this..

...he said that he will..

...arrange for Kung Fu competition in the school.

The student, who will win..

...he will give that kid a trophy..

...and scholarship on his behalf., That's, great, sir., Shiva, that's, not enough.

You also need to participate in the competition.




Am not interested.




Want you to participate.? You are the best student of our school.


You should surely participate.

Okay, sir., I will participate.


It is very important to know whether something is wrong.


...his, tracksuit., Yes, Shiva.

You are right.

I have a plan.

Listen to it.


A good idea.



Do it.


Shiva has a similar tracksuit like you.

He will also be wearing that tracksuit to fight.


Careful., Hi, dad., Dad, Shiva has a similar tracksuit.

He will be wearing his tracksuit to fight today.

You were saying this tracksuit is one of a kind.

Professor Bose.

How is this possible? Did.

You make a similar tracksuit for someone else? Impossible.


One has a similar tracksuit in the world.

He is lying.

Vicky, don't, worry., No.

One else in the world..

...owns, a tracksuit like yours., Go, fight and win.

Go, dear., Thank, you, uncle., Oh.

So I don't have to..

...fight Vicky.

But his tracksuit.

Students, Vicky's, dad, Mr., Taneja..., ...has, held this competition.

The, one who wins..

...will get a scholarship till the tenth class.

I would like to thank Mr.


Okay, sir., Let's, start., Hurray!, No.

One has to fight anyone.

All of you fight me., The.

One who wins will get a scholarship.


You cannot defeat him.

Don't fight, him., But, I'm in grave.

Need of this scholarship, Shiva., If, I, win, then..., education will be free till the tenth class.

I will try my level best to win.

He's going to get beaten up, bad., I'll fight in place of Sahil.

If, I, win..

...then, give the scholarship to Sahil.

Okay, Shiva., Wow!, That's, fabulous., You have a huge heart.



You can sit.

Hey!, Wow!, Wow!, Okay, fight!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Vicky!, Vicky!, Yes, Vicky., Very, good.

My boy.

Shiva!, Don't fight for me...

...I don't want the scholarship! I'm, not fighting for you.

I'm fighting to make the wrong, right.

Shiva!, Hey! Return.

My tracksuit jacket! Fight without your tracksuit now, Hero., Dad.

What do I do? Nothing,? You will have.. fight me for real.

Get, ready!, Son!, Use, your legs to hurt him., Use.

Your legs.

Dad! I cannot fight, I cannot fight! I can't believe, without any tracksuit..

Do you fight so well?, Mr., Taneja, I fail to understand.

What is the matter with this tracksuit? Principal, I'll, tell you the truth.


Taneja! You have cheated us.


Actually, I was cheating.

My own son.

Instead of letting him work on his own..

...I was giving him the tracksuit.

Sorry, Shiva., Sorry, everyone., The scholarship will be given to the boy..

...for, whom, Shiva, fought., Woohoo!, Shiva.

You are a true.


You have made me, realise, and..., ...from, today, I'll, teach.

My son to work on his own., Shiva!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Shiva!, Wow!.


Who is the inspector in Shiva cartoon? ›

Laddu Singh is the Police Inspector of Vedas City. Although he is usually honest, he is not intelligent. In some episodes, he takes credit for advising Shiva after the criminal is caught. Shiva often assists him in performing his duties.

Is Shiva boy or girl? ›

Shiva Origin and Meaning

In India, Shiva is an unambiguously male name; but in the middle east, Shiva derives from the Persian words for charm and eloquence, and is usually used as a female name.

Who is blind son of Shiva? ›

When the demon king Hiraṇyākṣa performed penance to please Shiva in order to beget a child, Shiva gifted the boy to him and named him Andhaka due to his blindness. After Hiraṇyākṣa's death by Vishnu, Andhaka became the new king, but was not regarded as an Asura since he was born of the Devas.

Who is Lord Shiva gatekeeper? ›

Nandi grew up as an ardent devotee of Shiva and he performed severe penance to become his gate-keeper, as well as his mount, on the banks of river Narmada.

What is the character name of Shiva? ›

Shiva is known by many names such as Viswanatha (lord of the universe), Mahadeva, Mahandeo, Mahasu, Mahesha, Maheshvara, Shankara, Shambhu, Rudra, Hara, Trilochana, Devendra (chief of the gods), Neelakanta, Subhankara, Trilokinatha (lord of the three realms), and Ghrneshwar (lord of compassion).

Who are the attendants of Shiva? ›

In Hinduism, the Gaṇas are attendants of Shiva and live on Mount Kailash. Ganesha was chosen as their leader by Shiva, hence Ganesha's title gaṇeśa or gaṇapati, "lord or leader of the ganas".

Who is the attendant of Lord Shiva? ›

In Hinduism, the Gaṇas are attendants of Shiva and live on Mount Kailasa.


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